Friday, August 29, 2008

tons of free time here...

School has started. I've got 3 classes, boyfriend has 5. Thankfully none of mine are very intensive... in fact the stats class is pretty basic. (I may have an unfair advantage over many of my classmates however, having taken almost 3 years of 'actual' math in college - whereas this is what I like to think of as 'touchy-feely math for educators who hate math'.) Boyfriend's classes, at least most of them, don't sound too bad either. (He, by the way, is taking a lot of the 'actual' math.) We do however, both work full time. This means, in short, that even though all of our classes may not be the hardest of the hard, we are quite busy.

Also, changes at my day job. Big ones. New-job-kinda-ones.

And to complete the trifecta of busy: boyfriend and I are going to Montana next week to celebrate the wedding of some good friends. It should be fun times: I'm looking forward to introducing him to my college friends, who mostly live on the west coast. And of course I am looking forward to celebrating my friends' nuptials at what will be a gorgeously planned wedding in a breathtaking location. Visiting this wedding also involves a 15 hour road trip, and I love me some road tripping.

As for labor day weekend, not too much planned. Probably a movie or two, some homework, and (for myself at least), the arranging and hanging of picture frames.