Monday, January 19, 2009

living is easy with eyes closed

If you've been following my twitterings* (I know they're called 'tweets' but I like 'twitterings' better) you'd see that I've been busy with lots of things. Laundry, cleaning, reading, writing, working. I suffered a blow earlier this week when I lost funding for my spring classes due to no fault of my own, just a change in policy. It was infuriating to receive the letter and even more infuriating that my protests fell on deaf (or helpless) ears... don't particularly enjoy unexpectedly being told to pay out thousands of dollars. But, what happens happens and money is only money.

The first week of school was as it should be: followed by a 3-day weekend.

In addition to homework, boyfriend and I also spent the weekend partaking in the delicious Chinese buffet in our hometown (under the guise of helping his grandmother with her computer). While he performed updates and configured plug-ins, she showed me 50+ years of scattered family history in her photo albums. This inspired me to work on my own photo albums: a hobby I did/do enjoy, but one that's been lying dormant for a good year and a half while life happened. As the long weekend comes to a close, I've made a serious dent in them, and that feels like progress to me.

I have to sort some more photos now, then fold the towels, the last of basically a month's worth of laundry that got backed up due to the holidays and our being out of state for a week or so, before I make us some curry. Then, on to Season 2!

*I have a twitter account now. "@Nodakademic." I put it in the sidebar on this blog.