Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rusty, settling in

Tiberius discovered the front window a couple of days ago. I'd put a blanket there for him prior to bringing him home with us, but he was just too busy exploring and playing and being hyper to take the time to sit and look. Now, I guess, he has decided to spare a little time each day. He can see cars, birds, weather, people walking by, etc. Since our snow last week, our leaves have been falling from the trees in droves. He's loving it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

our new cat, Tiberius

A.k.a: "Rusty".

We picked him up on Saturday in the late morning. We put him on the toy-dog carrier I got at Petco on clearance (12 bucks!) and took him to town, where we made him wait in the car while we got some Chinese food from our favorite restaurant.

Then we brought him home. He meowed most of the way. After we got home he looked out the windows and smelled the furniture and bit my foot.

Today I gave him a bear to bite:

And he also took several naps.

He is used to being kept in a (large) kennel at night. We will not be doing that, but for his first few nights we plan to keep him confined to one area of the house. It's a big house and he's a small cat, so we feel better introducing him to it (and all of the wonderfully destroyable things within!) slowly.

Friday, October 09, 2009

we got a cat!

Here's how we were encouraged/suckered into it.

About 6 weeks ago I had the following text-conversation with one of my oldest childhood friends.

Her: We have a cat inside. You want him? We were just taming him down and then moving him on...
Me: Hah no thanks - cat free life is nice:)
E: Well if you change your mind let me know. He's turning out to be a great cat. My life is just too busy
Me: Hah how old - kitten or adult
E: 2 or 3 months. Was a wild one we trapped from my wild adult cat. Didn't know if it would work but it did.
Me: Cool not for me but I'll ask around.
E: Thanks.

First of all, yes, we do text in mostly proper grammar and complete sentences. We're not those kind of textors (*shakes fist at damn kids, yells at them to get off her lawn*).

And second, a little bit about my friend E. I've known her since I moved to the region, back in 3rd grade. We were in the same class, and rode the same bus. We've been friends ever since.

She's always had a soft spot for animals. She now owns and operates a business related to those interests. I'm very proud of her for having the courage to make her life and living doing something she truly loves - most of us don't have that courage. But anyway, animals. For as long as I've known her, E has been trying to find homes for several. She grew up in a farm environment, so there were always kittens and puppies (many people here don't believe in spending the money to spay and neuter animals that primarily live outdoors and exist to catch mice/ward off predators/etc). Don't judge E or her family and/or neighbors for this please.

I swear, a season could not pass without my family being offered a puppy, a kitty, a goat, a duck, a chinchilla, a rabbit, or some other random animal that E had taken pity on and was trying to re-home. My mom and dad love animals, but we had one dog and one cat and they stood their ground in spite of E's (and my) pleading.

So back to the texts. I forgot about it. And then last weekend, Mr. N and I went to E's house to take some engagement pictures of them. As we waited for them to finish primping themselves, this little fellow walked up to us and pushed on our legs. I picked him up and pet him. He purred and pawed at me. I set him down. Mr. N squatted and extended his arm. The kitty stood on his back legs and grabbed Mr. N's hand. Then scampered over and jumped up on his knee, rubbing his furry little head on Mr. N's chest and arm.

E: "You suuuuure you don't want him?"

Silence and smiles from us. E went to tend to something else. "You know," I said, "she tried to give me this cat."

"This is a healthy cat," he said.

"She had him neutered, he's got all his shots," I said.

We went out and spent the afternoon taking photos and getting rained on. We grabbed some takeout Chinese on our way home. We spent a few days both talking about it and not talking about it.

"A cat would destroy that blanket," I said one night, referring to a super-soft throw my mother gave me, which I had kept stashed in a trunk throughout my cat ownership years.

"We could put the litter box in the laundry room," we mused on another evening.

"I would want to feed the cat high quality food," I stated on another day.

And on Wednesday evening, he said to me: "Do you have a name picked out?"
"I don't like to name animals I don't own," I replied.

So we weighed the pros and cons and finally, I texted E. I said: "After 20 years of you trying to make my family adopt various pets... I figure I owe you one."

Last night, I folded up my super-soft chenille throw and placed it back in the trunk. This morning I brought my Peace Lily and my and African Violet to work (both are poisonous to cats). Tomorrow, we'll pick up our cat.

Friday, October 02, 2009

needs improvement

I need to get over this idea that I need a huge, open block of time to do anything. (Homework, work on craft project, read a book, etc.) I rarely have that kind of time, so instead I spend perfectly useful bits of spare time surfing the web and commenting on people's Facebook statuses. It's not really a great strategy, long term.