Monday, December 28, 2009

winter wonderland

How about that? This blizzard rolled in on Thursday morning and kept on going until Saturday afternoon.

This photo was taken on our drive to see family Christmas day.

Police snowmobile:

When we arrived home from Christmas, we had this to deal with before we could get in to the garage (Got another 8+ inches after getting home I think.)

We had already shoveled this twice at this point, too.

On Dec 26, the next day (random houses and cars).

Guy shoveling his roof.

Merry blizzardmas!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

catch me if you can

I gave a presentation last night, and that was the last of my responsibility toward that class (aside from watching/listening to the presentations of others next week).

That's a relief.

I have two more papers to write for my other class. One will be short and easy; the other long and not as easy. I hope to finish one of them tonight, after my class (which is three hours long).

On Saturday, I am throwing a bridal shower for my best childhood friend. I have not devoted as much attention to this as I wanted to, but I have been swamped with school and other things (related to our own wedding, our home, and the impending holidays), but I hope she will enjoy the shower. I would also really like to get our Christmas tree this coming weekend, and decorate it. The following week, we have a holiday party to attend. We're also going to take some pictures of a friend's new baby for her. The week after that is my friend's wedding. We are the photographers (not something we make a habit of, but this is a favor/wedding gift). The wedding is another friend's bridal shower.

I wish I could say we're going to have a nice relaxing Christmas break away from it all, but we're not. I am planning to take half a vacation day on Christmas eve, which I'll probably spend wrapping presents for our trip to my in-laws' house.

Other stuff I've been doing lately: I laid out and ordered some books from Shutterfly (I make our photo albums that way; also making wedding album gifts for some family members.) I ordered our Christmas cards from them too. Last Saturday, I put up our Christmas lights. I did most of it, but husband had to do the part that involved standing on the top step of the ladder.

Winter is here, so I'm glad I got our lights up. It's been cold for weeks, but we finally have some proof.

Generally our snow comes whipping in sideways on the back of a 40 mph wind, creating drifts and visibility problems. This is just odd.