Monday, September 14, 2009


Our wedding day.

We were married on a Wednesday. A gorgeous, cloudless, blue-skied Wednesday afternoon. A woman sitting near us at the restaurant (after our ceremony) made some too-loud and rather opinionated remarks about this to her dinner-mates before turning her chair and halfheartedly congratulating us on our marriage.

But we afforded the specific day of our marriage little concern because in the long run, it won't matter.

So now, we're adjusting to being married. I can see why people take a honeymoon if they can. Even if they've been living together. That vacation really helps it sink in. It's a shift from the norm and it isolates you from the routine (or chaos) that is your daily life. We're not taking a honeymoon, right now. It doesn't fit our school schedules. Maybe next summer.

What makes our situation weird (for me at least) is that nothing has really changed, even though actually, everything has. We did take a little time off work last week, but the semester has started so the "show must go on". I did skip my Wednesday night class however: I was busy getting married during the class meeting time. He went to his morning class, and he resumed going to class the next day too.

Yesterday we bid my parents a farewell at the airport; this morning we were back at work, and school, and life, and lawn-mowing once more. We're also dealing with a lot of undue and difficult-to-handle stress, just like we were before we said the words and shared the kiss (and the cake, oh, the cake).

I'm super-happy.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i'm getting married

This week, actually.

We spent the weekend doing lots of house stuff and other various tasks to ready our humble residence for the inevitable onslaught of family.

Posting will be sparse for a few days here, but I haven't abandoned the blog. I'm just busy. Tomorrow: manicure, flowers, parents, and more. And soon: a vow.

And then, more blogging from yours truly. But I'll be a married woman!