Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so this is (not) wonderful

I actually like driving in the winter time. The slick roads make it a challenge, you can be safe and enjoy driving if you're reasonable about your speed and actions. Some people--like a guy that decided to make an unprotected left just a few feet in front of us as we were traveling through the intersection in the 'straight only' lane--just never got the memo. These people need to get off the road, at least until they learn to check their dumb summer driving habits at the door.

Even better: the guy drove off without stopping to exchange information. Merry Christmas. (We were on our way to get our tree.)

Friday, November 05, 2010

I needed some 'happy'

And I got it, twofold!

Today's big news is so surprising and welcome.

A few weeks ago, I ran into a professor in my department and mentioned to him that I need to take an intro class from him in the spring. He was all "But you're about to finish, why this, now?" Well, since I got my Masters from the same institution, I already have taken almost every class in the department. And the Ph.D. requires half the credits be taken from the department. I had taken everything else except for this one class (including research and readings credits, which you're allowed to take twice and I *did*), so I needed its credits. The professor told me to look in to that further because he thought it was a silly rule. He said he'd gladly sign a waiver if I found a way out of it.

So then last week, while at a conference in California, I mentioned it to my advisor (who was also at the conference). He didn't think I had it figured out properly--he thought I could probably take any semi-relevant graduate-level class and have it count. He said he'd sign off on that if I took a look at my paperwork and found his assumption to be correct.

Yesterday, I sat down and looked at my paperwork, hoping to find that I did not, in fact, have to take that intro class. It would have been an OK class and I do like the professor, but it isn't really my interest area so I was hoping to sub it for something else.

And I found an error in the math on my Program of Study. There was a discrepancy between it and my advising form.

I've found errors before (the things are CONFUSING, with the same course listed in multiple areas, random inconsistently-placed blanks and checkboxes, and wonky 'write-in' and 'you cannot count this course here, but you can on a different line' B.S. going on...it's like doing your taxes). Except this time, it was an error in my favor.

When do you EVER make an error in YOUR favor?

The moral of this story is, that after I triple, quadruple-checked my math and requirements...
And after I excitedly explained my calculations to my advisor, imploring him to check it out even though his response was "I trust your math is more accurate than mine would be..."
And after I had my math-minded husband triple, quadruple-check it all again...

It seems that I neglected to properly add in the credits of a couple of prerequisite courses I took over 2 years ago. They don't count for their areas of emphasis, but they do count toward the total degree credits. And my advisor was right, I don't specifically need any more credits from our department, either.

So what does that mean?
I actually do not need to take any more classes. AT ALL. In December, I'm done. In fact, I don't even need one of the classes I'm currently enrolled in.

Nothing but dissertation remains. Oh and a few other pesky* things.

I really, really needed something positive to happen on the school front (*because as I cheerfully reported a few weeks ago, I did not pass my comps, but I'm revising, so it's not like a big fat F, and I will write about that process in a few weeks).

Never a dull moment around here.