Wednesday, May 12, 2010

taking a break

So the semester is actually honest-to-god over now, at least for me. Until Monday. (Because that's how our sadistic school rolls).

I feel like I need to relax. The husband needs to relax too. We're so tired. So burned out.

But I also feel like we both need to catch up. So many things we've let slide over the course of the semester. And so many things I really want to finish before I get buried in the next one (which - again - starts in FIVE DAYS).

Take tonight, for example. Husband still has a final test to take this week, so he's gone, studying with some friends. When I found out that I would be solo for the evening, I started making a TO DO LIST. I listed all the things I thought I could accomplish while he was away. Probably a full day's worth of things, including tasks that would involve the sewing machine, harsh chemicals and even power tools. I have so many things I want to do, see. When I finally get a chance to do them, I try to do All Of Them. Right Now. Heh.

But I'm just so tired. Partially because it has been a full and exhausting semester, but also because my job always tends to get busy when I have breaks from school (and this week is no exception). In fact, it is crazy-busy at work right now.

So I compromised with myself. (In the back of my mind, the critical/overacheiving sector is whispering "You cheated! You copped out!") I ran a couple of errands, picked up my favorite ghetto-fabulous Wal-Mart crab cakes (Don't judge. I live in the upper midwest: not exactly a seafood paradise.), and did a couple of small household tasks during the 20 minutes it took to cook them in the oven. Then I parked my butt on the couch with my cakes, some very dark chocolate, and an excessively large glass of wine.

And here I sit, with no plans to move any time soon.

Unless I decide to take a hot shower. (A hot shower is my equivalent of a hot bath. I'm sure the tall girls out there understand.)

I still feel like there is a lot more that I should be doing. ("You're being LAZY!" shouts my subconscious!) This relaxing stuff is seriously hard.