Monday, September 20, 2010


I could have chosen to quit my job and go back to school, living on assistantships and large loans. I could have chosen not to go to grad school. I could have chosen to stay in apartments (avoiding maintenance and home-improvement tasks). And along that same vein, every time I choose to start a home or crafty project, I could choose not to. (And sometimes I do--getting better at that.)

I was recently discussing my current goings-on with a local professional who was once in the same boat as me. Her description of my situation was so spot on.

She said:

You are so busy because the life you ordered has arrived.

Uh. Yes. Yes it has.

I decided to take a full load of classes, work on a research study and dissertation proposal, take my comps, and work full time, and plan to attend & present at a week-long conference, and go to a relative's out-of-state wedding, all during a time-span of a few months. I made those decisions. I 'bought' it all. Now it's time to pay.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Yesterday, I tweeted that it was nice to be stuck waiting at a railroad crossing, because it gave me a few minutes to relax and sit. Now that's some desperation right there. And I spent the time wishing I'd brought one of the articles with me that I'm supposed to read for my next class.

With two night-classes each week, that's 2 less weekday evenings to complete my assignments. (So, what do you think I spend my lunch-hours doing?)

I will receive my comprehensive exams (which are take-home) today. I have tried to prepare for this time-and-brain-frying experience by completing class assignments ahead of time (which means: more homework!).


Another thing stressing on me is the fact that an institutional review board (IRB) approval I filed is taking forever. It's been nearly a month now, and it usually does not take that long. They just need to go over what I want to do and make sure it's sound and safe (for the participants). I really need this approval, ASAP. The fact that it's taking so long makes me worry that something is wrong with it. (All I want to do is hand out a very non-threatening survey. It shouldn't be a big deal.)

Also, some friends of the family are going to be traveling through our area and may be staying with us over this weekend. I found out about this last week. (Well, I knew there was a chance, but I didn't know any solid dates.) So I/we have a lot of cleaning, tidying, and prep to do, as we rarely have a guest -- let alone an overnight one. [Oh and hey, remember when I said I get my comps today? What a coincidence!]

Thursday, September 09, 2010


It's our anniversary!

The husband is sick with a bad head cold, I have class tonight after work, our gift(s) didn't arrive on time, and this weekend we're going to someone else's wedding.

Regardless of how we spend the day though... it's been a great year.

This year, we...
...completed a ton of home improvements
...adopted our cat, Rusty
...paid off one of our cars
...took three big trips: one with my family, one to a conference, and one to Jamaica (our belated honeymoon)
...put a degree on the wall and started another (him)

I'm looking forward to the year to come, and all the years after that too.