Monday, May 23, 2011

husband is a master

On Wednesday, May 18, my husband had his master's defense. I attended and got the privilege of watching him present his process and findings to a room full of his peers, including his committee and chair. Afterward, the committee must have been impressed because they only made him wait nervously outside for about 10 minutes while they deliberated. He passed! No revisions necessary.

Since a spring graduation would have required that he complete all of these steps by early April, he will actually graduate in August. However, he is 'free' for the summer now, aside from a few loose ends to tie up. Husband completed his master's degree in 10 months, while also holding down his job (with increased responsibilities over the past year). Here I thought my 18-month master's was pretty brisk. He set a goal and stuck to it, even though it meant taking several classes, and his grueling comps, and writing/revising his thesis all at the same time.

To celebrate his successful defense, we took a fabulous little road trip Thursday-Sunday, to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was a really fun trip.

Monday, May 09, 2011

busy this month

May's turning out to be quite the month for us. This week is finals week. That doesn't really mean much for me, but my husband does have one final (on Friday of course...they're really dragging out his last semester of his Master's program, aren't they?). Next week is his defense. I wish he would have written a blog about his experiences in his Master's program, but I guess he didn't have time because he was too busy finishing a Master's degree in a very technical field in under 1 year. He's amazing that way. This semester alone, he took a bunch of classes, wrote and revised his thesis, took his comps, and will defend his thesis. With the defense done (and any changes they may suggest), he will be unofficially done with his Master's (though his degree will be dated August).

I finished my quantitative data collection (numbers, statistics) for my dissertation last week. Now to begin the tedious process of entering all the data in to SPSS, then analyzing it and writing up the results. Fun times, y'all. I have a bit of qualitative data (talking, people's opinions, interviews) to still collect, analyze and integrate before I can call my dissertation data collection complete. With that and all the writing I intend to do over the summer, I'm aiming for an early- to mid- October defense.