Monday, July 23, 2012

want to see some thick books?

Here they are. They were completed last Thursday. Cleo was included for scale (and because a picture of books is more interesting with a cat in it).

5 copies are for department and committee, 2 are for me to keep, and 3 additional ones are for family. Feels great to see this in book form. So official!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

still hasn't sunk in

I guess it's hard to shake off 11 years of post-secondary education and just move on.

Case in point, I keep catching myself thinking about fall. As in, "Still have to do ______ before fall." Summers have, for years now, been full of pressure and stress in their own right because even though I tended to take credits during summer session, summers have also been the time to accomplish all of the things I didn't have time for during spring or fall semesters (because the weekends were always consumed by school stuff). Each May, I have made a to-do list of house, yard, and personal projects and rationed them out over the weeks of summer, taking things like class/research work, weather, and family vacations into consideration.

This past May, without even thinking about it I numbered my calendar/to do list with the weeks of summer in descending order, as I have always done. Week zero is the week that school starts. This is week 6. Today I found myself sitting and thinking about how many summer to-do items I had left, and how little time before week zero. Then I realized, there IS no week zero for me. All I have to worry about is when winter will show up (in regard to outdoor projects). Awesome.

I don't HAVE to think in semesters anymore! Still, I wonder if I always will. (Probably, if I manage to successfully get a professorship someday.)

Other stuff:
-I'm recently back from a 10 day road trip and vacation. Maybe I'll post a pic or two soon.
-I got a pixie haircut a few weeks ago and unlike last time (in 2008-I really looked like a boy), I love this one.
-The dissertations should be back from the binding company in a week or so.
-As of July 5, I'm back on the research horse (freshly-minted PHD seeks publication in hopes to avoid going stagnant).