Saturday, December 08, 2012

the fall, in subheadings

It's been a while I guess. Honestly, I haven't had that much to say. While I enjoy reading blogs, I am drifting away from the actual writing of my own. It's also very freeing to do something, go somewhere, make something, cook something...without thinking 'I need to take pics for my blog' or whatever. Plus, since the last time I've written, it's been pretty quiet around here. So, here's the fall in subheadings.

I gave a full paper at a conference there in October. It was a great experience, good conference, neat city. I also got to see my parents, since they do not live too far from there. Husband did not join me on that trip.

We went to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family. It was a particularly interesting trip as my cousin brought her boyfriend and his family as well. Lots of people in a rental house, and a lot of rain too. The rain didn't deter the teenagers from being active outdoors though, of course. And I did a lot of shopping for little things around the island where we stayed. My funnest purchase was a cast iron owl, found in an antique store. It's apparently an incense burner.

The Holidays
With Christmas approaching, I'm finding myself a little behind on gifts but not too badly. We got the outside lights up and the tree too, and the stockings are up on the mantle. Got our first Christmas card from someone today too. I'm a little bummed that I won't be able to take much vacation time this year. I've got a half day off Christmas even and that's it. Even though New Years Eve is on a Monday, I can't take that off because we have an important work project that's being rolled out over that weekend, and we're needed to work (on the weekend and the Monday). I do get the actual New Year's Day off though.

This is husband's last semester of a full course load, which is great! He will have one class in the spring, and from then and onward it's dissertation research! He also has an exciting opportunity on the horizon; hopefully I'll have some news on that soon too.

A Chapter?
For a few weeks, it was looking like I was going to be writing a book chapter related to my dissertation research. It ended up falling through due to various circumstances and/or misunderstandings, and honestly, I'm feeling a bit relieved. Had it worked out as I'd wanted, it would have looked great on my CV. But it wasn't working out, and now I don't have to compress ~100 pages of lit review in to ~25 for a book, so I am not disappointed. I do need to do *something* academic though. I've been slacking, conference aside.

That's all I've got for now. How is everyone doing... if anyone is still out there following me?