Tuesday, April 09, 2013

keep on keeping on

I keep feeling that I should check in and say hello, even though I have nothing of interest to report.

For those keeping track, I'm about 32 weeks pregnant at this point, or right around 8 months. I have another 2ish months to go, in other words. And boy, do I have an overwhelming urge to overshare to the whole wide Internet about the horror--did I say horror? I meant 'miracle'--that is/has been pregnancy for me. But I'll spare you for the spirit of this blog. What I'll say is this. If you find yourself reading one of those "What to Expect..." type of books, and you get to side effects and see that some women may experience this, or that, or that, just take those "or's" and replace them with "and." That's basically been me so far.  Baby is healthy. I have no disorders either. I'm just suffering from what experts [should] call "really awful pregnancy syndrome."

I'm working the same job and intend to keep working right up to my due date - no need to waste my [unpaid] maternity leave. Husband's new job has been an adjustment, but we're adapting and I think it was a good move for him to take this opportunity.

It is still very cold outside here, was four degrees above zero this morning and the wind chill was decently below zero. Bummer for a lady who can't zip up her coat anymore, let alone reach her feet to put on socks or shoes.

Spring is around the corner.... right? For now, it's one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.