Sunday, October 27, 2013

move it move it

There are a few of you who have followed this blog through several renames, redesigns, new addresses, new handles. You've been with me since I started blogging 10, nearly 11 years ago. I lived in Oregon at the time, and I blogged with my real name attached. About 2 years into my blogging experience, I announced a crazy thing: I'd be moving to North Dakota to complete a master's degree. This would take 18 months and then I'd [by all odds] be moving back to the Pacific Northwest.

I mean, who would stay in North Dakota longer than they have to, right?

Well, plans change, don't they? A degree. A marriage. Another degree. A baby. A career shift (for husband). Prospects and decisions ahead (for me). Much reflection, assessment, and evaluation have my husband and I looking at our situation and overall lives and realizing, hey, "life is pretty good." We can complain about the weather and whatever as much as we want, but in reality, ND has been good to us.

We're thus selling our wonderful little old Craftsman first home -- the one many of you followed along as I rejuvenated. Because we've purchased another, larger home here in North Dakota, for the long haul. After over 8 years of wondering where home would be when we finally moved and settled, it turns out, we already are home. Or we will be at the end of November, when we move in to our new [late 80s] home with the jetted tub and the 3-car, attached garage and the walk-in closet.

What you really need to know is this: that jetted tub is pink.


  1. Congratulations on your new home! As an upper Midwestern resident like you (grew up in Wisconsin, now live in Minnesota), it's not always the weather that makes a place great to live in. It's the people, your work, a little culture, and family that make a place feel like home. It's also cheaper to live here, and less hassle with traffic and crowds than living on one of the coasts.

  2. Congratulations Nodakademic!

    And Pat, yes, Oregon is SOOOO gridlocked, please tell people not to move here. =P

  3. Wow… we are on the same boat! different cities of course but realized that where we are living which was supposed to be just for school is already our home and we want to stay long term!
    Thanks for sharing!