Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moving on

I have been thinking on this for a while now, and I think it's finally time to call it quits with the blog. This blog was about a lot of things, but my grad school escapades stole the show. And that ship has sailed.

I'm no lifestyle blogger. I don't want to blog about any of the things going on in my life right now, personal or professional. Things are going great, they're just private.  This blog was an excellent outlet for me during my grad school years. I love the people I met through it (and if you're still blogging, I do subscribe!), and relished in the support I received because of it.

With all of that in mind, here's the likely last update from me.

My husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage back in September. (For those of you who've read this blog that long or longer, do you feel old now?) My daughter is now almost 20 months old. She's smart and clever and active and so stubborn I can hardly stand it. She's amazing. My husband still works where he worked when I posted my last update, and he's getting to the end of his Ph.D. He hopes to be graduated within the calendar year.

The biggest news lies with me this time around: before the holidays, I stumbled on (and decided to apply for) a job that sounded amazing, but was outside of my current field. It was in the field I wanted to be in 10 years ago when I started down this grad school journey, actually. (The job opportunities available at that time led me down another path, and I've never gotten back.) This is a different and higher-ranking position than I've had before and although I brought my best game to my application materials, I was skeptical as to my chances. Still,  I told everyone, "if I can get the interview, I can get this job."

I got the interview. I got the job. I've been at my current job for over 5 years in its current form, 9 if we count the same work in different positions. This is an entirely new adventure for me. I'm excited and nervous. I start in a couple of weeks.

I do still plan to publish some of my research. (When?)

I still plan to be on Instagram.
I don't know about Twitter. I still have the account, but I am unsure how I want to use that medium.
For the blog though, this is it. Thank you, good night, and good luck.