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Welcome! This blog chronicles my life as a doctoral student, and now, a Ph.D. Here, I'll bring you up to speed.

I'm a late 20's woman living in North Dakota. in 2008, shortly after finishing my masters, I decided to return to the same program to pursue a Ph.D.

During my degree program:
I had the same advisor from my masters program. (Best decision ever.) I took 3-4 classes a term, which is time-and-a-half status. After a missed approval in 2011, it ultimately took me a summer plus three semesters to write and defend my dissertation. I maintained my day job throughout, which is a full time (8 am-5 pm) professional position. My husband started graduate school too, while also maintaining his full-time professional employment.

Also during this time:
I dated, married, and honeymooned with my husband (and due to grad school, the honeymoon was 10 months after the wedding). We bought a house. We adopted one cat (Tiberius, a.k.a. Rusty), and then another (Cleo). I presented at a few conferences and attended a few more. I was part time lecturer for my department one semester (while still keeping my day job...and preparing to defend).

Credits completed: 117
Comp exams written: 2, 2x each
From proposal and defense: 51 weeks
Expected grad date: Aug, 2011
Actual grad date: May, 2012
Pages of dissertation: 315

I'm done with school (May 2012). I'm still at my day job, and [hypothetically] doing research on the side to keep my CV fresh while I figure out my next step, career-wise. My husband hopes to complete his Ph.D. in 2014. Our daughter was born in May, 2013.

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